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Bible Comic Books

Welcome to the Bible Comic book page. I'm Philip Williams. I create comic books to help teach the Bible. These comic books are designed for teaching both children and adults. All of these books are 100% accurate to the Bible.

The Jonah Comic book - This entire comic book is available as a free download from this web site.

Elijah: God's Fiery Prophet - Learn about this new comic book and buy the full-color printed version.

Interactive Comic Books on CD - Learn how Sunday Software is using my comic books to create interactive CDs for teaching the Bible.

Guess the Bible Story Contest - Guess what Bible story the picture is of and you could win a free comic book and poster.

Contact Philip Williams - I'm eager to hear your comments on my work.

Staircase Studio - See more of my work.

Links to Other Sites

For other Bible comic books visit the Comix35 web site.

The Jonah comic book is also listed on If you're interested in finding more free teaching materials and books I recommend visiting their web site. - Christian education resources and more.

Jonah on the Web - This large web site has all the resources you will ever need for studying the book of Jonah.

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